I guess it would have been boring if my posts had been about how mundane my life had been, how much stress I was facing at work, how boring my days were when they were just home > work > home everyday.

But seriously, Oct/Nov are hectic months @ work. Many projects on hand, and learning new stuff at the same time. So busy that the hours passed very fast, so busy that I only want to be back home as early as I could and let my brain cells rest. Any after-work activities were rejected. I’m free after work yes, but sorry I don’t feel like going anywhere else other than home. =) Though I’m usually gaming till 12+ 1am, at least I’m in the comfort of my home. A place where I feel most at ease at night.

Oh well.. Oct is almost coming to an end. Blogging has become more of a blog-only-when-very-free thingy, than of a habit that I used to have. Having faced the computer screen for long hours at work, the only thing I feel like doing at night is to play some games =) But don’t worry, I’ll try to update as often as I can.

Actually have got photos in my phone, but I’ve yet transferred them out. That gotta wait I guess.. till I’m in the mood =|

PMS if you call it, had been in quite a lousy mood for the past week. And yes, that includes today though it had been quite happening on the mahjong table.

Tired. In quite a few aspects. Physically tired, which all started from the cup of teh-si I had. Eyes in pain! Mentally tired. You know it. Not pushing further for what I want, is that considered as giving up? 不甘心.. but what can I do about it? Do the obvious hint that says “This is what I’d been feeling all along”? Sigh.. Taking a step (probably it’s many steps) back. Tired to keep thinking about it. Tired from trying to think on how to get my point across. Freaking tired.

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