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Feeling pretty tired

I know I’ll fall asleep the moment I touch the pillow, but my mind’s pretty active now, that I thought, as usual, to just post a short (?) entry. Thanks guys & gals for turning up at the bbq! (though … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

Happy 2nd birthday to Joyjoy! The korean version! Quite cute! Much as I dont understand the lyrics of this song, it sounds nice.

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I feel.. (part II)

Not that it’s linked to the previous entry, but that I wanna use the same title =| Thoughts came through but nothing came out from my fingers. Oh no.. Guess life had been mundane these days. Getting irritated coz I … Continue reading

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i feel..

Minor change in lifestyle. Trying to get used to it, but seems.. to be taking quite a lot of effort. Oh well.. Endure! Quote of the day: 我相信人间有奇迹、暮色里也会有七彩长虹。 Lethargic as it is, will there be a rainbow behind the clouds?

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Glad I finally caught Ansley online! His internet connection isn’t ready yet! So slow -.-! Pity I was preparing to leave office for home, else would hv chatted with him longer! Glad u’re doing fine there pal! =) Take care!

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been there.

After a long 1 year break from the alumni.. I went back *reluctantly* on Friday for mid-autumn festival celebration. Like what I told T on msn just now, I’ve been hiding, but now I’ve got no more excuses to hide. … Continue reading

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Are you underpaid?

SOME SMES UNDERESTIMATE MARKET WAGES ———————————— Cheow Xin Yi AN ANNUAL survey of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) suggests that some of them – especially in the finance and manufacturing sector – are underestimating the average market wages. Out … Continue reading

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Thanks guys =)

A pre-celebration 2nite with the guys. Thanks! =) *wonders what lies ahead now*

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Heads up

For those of you who loved 881, here’s a heads up for the track listings for OST2! 1. YEARNING 相思 Performed by : Mindee Ong王欣 / Yeo Yann Yann杨雁雁 Composer : Eric Ng 黄韵仁 Lyrics : Xiaohan 小寒 Arranger : … Continue reading

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Will you?

Copyrighted from puikia’s blog. hope.. is jus another wishful thinking.. something that keeps you going on.. but deep down inside you know that wat you hope for, you’ll never get it.. will you celebrate my bday for me? Will you?

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