Thought I’d just pop by before jumping onto my bed.

Cleared the shyt that happened on Wed. Seriously I’ve never felt so down that day. Probably I did, but each time I had that feeling, it’s always worse than the previous.

The past week hadn’t been so smooth. Lots of OTs, something which shouldn’t happen at all. Especially when I left office only at 11.30pm, and worked from home till 3am. It’s not my principle to work from home.

Friday night was supposed to be spent at a dinner with close frens, but one fell sick. Was in office till 9+pm instead, planning to meet Fen & gang @ Pump Room. The headache got so bad that I had difficulty walking. Not to mention that I waited a long time before I could board my bus, and had to stand all the way back home. All thanks to Comex that’s held next door.

Saturday was supposed to be spent relaxing. Went for an expensive haircut in the morning. Freaking $400. -.- Kill me.

Got called back to work. From home. Great. And I’m just done with it. What’s the deal with me checking what you’ve done when you’re supposed to test and make sure everything’s fine before passing to me? WTF. Wasted my saturday. But then, I feel like I’m pro enough to teach people how to do programming. =D

Dead tired. Time to sleep.

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