The happening week

I’m always at a loss when it comes to finding a suitable post title, especially when the entry is just about updates. That’s the problem when you have a limited vocabulary list.

Anyways, the previous post was meant to be an advert lah. Someone had to start the ball rolling by posting the blogbadge somewhere, since the blogbadge wasn’t on the site. =) New blogbadge should be coming by the end of the month. Another campaign, but I think this Tiger badge looks cooler.

The storm’s over, feeling so peaceful now.

Had a great week! Impromptu decision to meet Reenz & Gus for kopi after work on Tues. Not a bad way of destressing, not to mention that Reenz is having her school hols this week.

Meet Reenz (again?) and Fen for dinner @ Ikea Alexandra on Wed. Gossips! Pity Van stays too far (gal u shd try moving nearer to us hahahaha). Had my craving satisfied. Swedish meatballs!! Yummy! Though I felt too full afterwards, after downing a piece of chicken wing. keke. Reenz had to leave early, Fen & I decided to walk around Ikea, with me looking for ideas to revamp my room. Hoping to do it by end of year. Hopefully. *fingers crossed* Not too bad, got quite a few ideas, and KIV-ed a few items that I wanna get. Including a new and slightly-larger wardrobe. =D

Had a surprise pre-bday celebration for Van on Thurs. The dinner was planned a week before, last min decision to buy a cake for her. Heh.. Cafe Cartel @ Marina Square doesn’t allow people to make reservations (???) And Pasta De Waraku @ Marina Square doesn’t accept reservations after 7pm *_* 3 of us (Reenz Van & me) were early.. Went to try our luck @ Pasta De Waraku. 1 hour of waiting time! >.<! Walked around, decided on Cafe Cartel instead since it looks quite empty. But.. we were told the empty table of 12 was reserved! Almost fainted, especially when Van called to make reservations the day before, and was told they don’t allow reservations. Lucky the manager looks quite easy to get bullied. Hahah.. we got the table for 12! So rare to get so many people to turn up. Mingming flew us aeroplane at the last min, Dave & Gus already indicated that they couldn’t make it. But it’s still quite a feat to get such a big turnout! As usual.. the 4 gals sat at one corner to gossip. Jigg was late, so she sat at the other end. Hahaha.. I wouldn’t say we had any shocking news, just surprised. Yeah surprised. =D

Leewei was @ my office building eating icecream prior to our dinner date on Friday. And so I left office pretty early at 6.30pm though was supposed to stay a bit late to clear my stuff. Changed our dinner venue from the usual-Maxwell market to Chinatown Food Street. But we ended up at Maxwell again ‘coz the guys just love Maxwell so much -.-” And it’s KTV time!! Woohoo! I miss ktv-ing with them! Intro-ed them to a few new songs, which I got to know of from my other ktv gang. =) Not that my singing improved, but I think I need to practise more on my vocal. Seems like my vocal range isn’t wide enough.

王羚柔 – 当我们同在一起

庭竹 – 喜欢你

郭静 – 我不想忘记你