Will you?

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is jus another wishful thinking..
something that keeps you going on..
but deep down inside you know that wat you hope for, you’ll never get it..
will you celebrate my bday for me?

Will you?

I miss Ansley!!

Ansley you’d better be touched ok! You’re the first person whose name made it into my entries’ titles! *laugh*

My daily must-nudge-in-msn buddy. When will you next be online? I miss nudging you for no reason. LoL.

Late flight on a Sunday night. Went to send him off to Japan! Yes my dear friend has flown to Japan to work! Feeling excited for him.. Japan! Language barrier is a big hurdle that must be crossed, with JP being a only-one-language-other-than-simple-English country.

Oh well.. will I get such a chance? =)

psst.. Ans: leave a msg when you manage to come online!