I thought the day was bad enough..

Was on my way to work this morning, boarded the 8.45am bus. As the bus was reaching the ERP gantry on PIE after Lornie Road / before Stevens Road exit, there was a MASSIVE jam. Why? ‘coz it’s almost 9am. You can see the many motorcycles + vans + cars + lorries all slowing down / waiting by the road shoulder. The jam went as far as Eng Neo Road exit! The gantry light went off when the bus was just 5m away from it. Zoom! All vehicles sped up. -.-! Typical Singaporean mentality. If you don’t want to pay the ERP charge, don’t use that stretch of road! The traffic police should station there at 8.55am. Confirm will get many bookings! *angry* wasted my time at the jam!

the cat scratched me!5+ pm. Clumsy me knocked against the door that leads to the toilet again. It happened all the time anyway. But! The metal decoration at the edge scratched my arm today! =( Pain lor! Blue black!

Hai. thought it’s going to be another long day @ office again. Rushing work for internal UAT. Until my colleague went “Earthquake!” It’s only when I stood up then I realise “hey! I can’t stand still!” Another colleague went “look at those panels! they’re moving!” (the panels are hanging from the ceiling) “Look at the big boss’s panels!” OMG.. It was when “everybody pack up. Let’s go!” when everyone started to pack as quickly as we could.

Evacuated via the back staircase. 26 storeys! Not that I’m afraid of height, but many thoughts went past my mind while I was packing and running down the stairs. The fear of working in an office so high up, the fear that I might get stuck within the building.. =( Legs were so wobbly by the time I reached 8th storey. Hai..

Best thing is, the staircase didn’t lead us to outside of the building. WHAT’S AN EVACUATION STAIRCASE FOR WHEN IT DOESN’T BRING YOU TO SAFETY???

No matter where you walk outside the building, you’re still under shelter. Good for sunny days but at times like this??? DANGEROUS! =|

Anyway I’m safe and sound. Still in shock though. Flashbacks kept happening while I was on the bus home. Suddenly thought I don’t dare to go home now, ‘coz I stay on the 11th floor. Scary! Decided it was safe enough when I alighted, but I had difficulties walking, not to mention that I had to cross the bridge by walking up/down the stairs.

Yes.. my legs are still wobbly now as I’m typing this entry. Hai..

The rush, the fear, plus the fact that we actually ran down 26 storeys of stairs.. I can’t take another of such happenings please..

It’s later when I heard on the radio that the earthquake was at Sumatra, and the earthquake weighed 8 on the richter scale. While we’re all here safe and sound, pray the number of people affected over at Sumatra are safe and sound as well.