Anti-Smoke Campaign

The government has done a good job in restricting smokers from smoking in air-conditioned places. But can the restriction be imposed in residential areas as well?

We should implement the yellow-box smoking area on every floor. Probably at the staircase area. It’s darn irritating when smokers smoke along the corridor.

My flat, is just beside the lift. I’m ok when smokers smoke at the lift area, since it’s common area. But not when they smoke along the corridor! The cigarette smoke is darn irritating!

And it happened not just once.

My neighbour always invite friends to their house. (There are only 2 units on this side of the lift, with mine along the corridor and neighbour’s at the corner) That’s pretty cool actually, the cosiness and stuff like that.


Not when their visitors smoke at my doorstep! My neighbour’s family is nice enough not to smoke along the corridor lah.. I’ve no qualms about that actually. But if the visitors attempted not to smoke in the house, why can’t they walk further (probably just 10-20steps away) to smoke? Why sit at my doorstep? Why stand along the corridor?

If I’m one who don’t really care about neighbourhood ties, I’d have just opened my door and said “if you want to die earlier by smoking, don’t drag innocent people in by smoking here lah”. And that’s being nice enough.

Ok lah.. not blaming them actually. They moved to somewhere else to smoke after we requested them not to smoke at my doorstep.

But I thought the anti-smoke campaign should be extended to include residential areas as well. Especially public housing where corridors are a common sight.

I’ve got neighbours who smoke at home too. Every night I get the cigarette smell from outside my room (it’s opposite the room along the corridor). Well.. that’s something out of our control. Not even governments. Nothing that we can do anyway. You smoke at home, I don’t care. Just don’t do it at common areas please.


Thought I’d just pop by before jumping onto my bed.

Cleared the shyt that happened on Wed. Seriously I’ve never felt so down that day. Probably I did, but each time I had that feeling, it’s always worse than the previous.

The past week hadn’t been so smooth. Lots of OTs, something which shouldn’t happen at all. Especially when I left office only at 11.30pm, and worked from home till 3am. It’s not my principle to work from home.

Friday night was supposed to be spent at a dinner with close frens, but one fell sick. Was in office till 9+pm instead, planning to meet Fen & gang @ Pump Room. The headache got so bad that I had difficulty walking. Not to mention that I waited a long time before I could board my bus, and had to stand all the way back home. All thanks to Comex that’s held next door.

Saturday was supposed to be spent relaxing. Went for an expensive haircut in the morning. Freaking $400. -.- Kill me.

Got called back to work. From home. Great. And I’m just done with it. What’s the deal with me checking what you’ve done when you’re supposed to test and make sure everything’s fine before passing to me? WTF. Wasted my saturday. But then, I feel like I’m pro enough to teach people how to do programming. =D

Dead tired. Time to sleep.