Feeling pretty tired

I know I’ll fall asleep the moment I touch the pillow, but my mind’s pretty active now, that I thought, as usual, to just post a short (?) entry.

Thanks guys & gals for turning up at the bbq! (though I was feeling pretty awkward when me & Eric were starting the fire / bbq when the resident of the place wasn’t even back yet) Everyone was late!! bah!

Aiya! Come to think of it, I forgot to thank auntie for helping us prepare the food! Or I think I did? =|

Felt so pai seh! Our bbq, but auntie helped us to prepare? No more next time! My skin not so thick hor =X

Well.. overall not too bad lah. It had been a fun bbq, thanks to the sabo-ing eh? Lucky I have water phobia, which is NOT an excuse in case you’re wondering.

The cake came as a surprise though. Thanks!

Been a long time since I last had such a happening celebration. Xie xie! =)

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