Incidents on the road

Incident 1

On my way home yesterday.. I remembered seeing the motorbike quite a distance away, and it wasn’t at a fast speed. So I crossed the road. Halfway through, the bike was just 10m away from me! gosh! I got scared out of my life and stopped immediately. Think I saw the bike waving left-right as the rider was deciding whether he should turn left or just go straight (of which he would have hit me if he chose to go straight). Thank God I was alright. But why was the rider riding so fast when it was a red light at the traffic junction??

Incident 2

The bus that I was on, was trying to go to the lane 3 from 4. Signaled,  but another vehicle from lane 2 jumped in.

Incident 3

Less than 5mins later, the same bus was on a merging lane. Being a non-driver, I still know the basics of driving on a merging lane. Seeing that it’s the bus’s turn to merge, the car (and I still remember the car plate number!) on the other merging lane increased its’ speed and closed up the gap.

Incident 4

Nvm, bus driver was patient =)
Then! I saw a MPV on the shoulder! (I know the rules.. no driving on the shoulder!) Less than 30secs, the MPV was >50m in front of the bus!

Incidents 2-4 happened on the PIE after BKE exit at 8.45am. It was slow traffic! But whatever happened to basic courtesy??

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