A sudden fear came upon me. I’ll be reaching 30 in 5 years time. It feels so near. And I hate it when people start asking when it’s my turn to get married. I can’t possibly say “Once bitten, twice shy”. I’m skeptical towards a new relationship now, not even if ( I’m saying IF ) there’s someone I’ve taken an interest to.

While I cannot imagine how life will be like after marriage, I still love kids. They really do test one’s patience. And I can proudly declare that I’m a patient person. lol! I guess it’s the training that I’ve received since young, I’m able to withstand babies crying, toddlers screaming. Kids are easily understood and their needs can be easily satisfied. No doubts about that.

Met up with the 单身家族 earlier on, with the exception of LH & ML. LH’s kids are adorable? haha.. the elder one is hyper, and the younger one likes to smile. just so cute =) Were discussing about our other gang members and I realised time really flies. Been almost 4 years since I left, almost everyone have taken the next step of their lives. I’d love to, but I’ve said, still skeptical about it. And yes.. please don’t try to introduce anyone to me =X

Much said, I cannot imagine the day when I’m on my deathbed. What lies ahead of me then?

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