Shucks.. I’m having a headache now! Is it due to the cocktails? Will I be able to get up in time for the Fencing Clinic later? =


Just when I thought I’m recovering from the sore throat and the rashes and the many cuts I suffered, I’m developing a new set of rashes now! Shucks! And my sore throat isn’t getting any better!

Was attempting to teach a friend html stuff this afternoon, which I think was a failed attempt. haha.. = But still, it’s nice to realise that it’s heartwarming to have a place that you can really call a second home. =)

Met up with the SCE khakis for steamboat dinner @ Beach Road! Been quite sometime since the whole group met up! 13 of us! Celebrated KS’s birthday! Guess what? Jerry actually got my favourite Lychee Martini cake from Pine Gardens!!! Whee!!! Thanks Jerry!!

The remaining 11 of us ( after Jigg & DS left ) proceeded on to No.5 @ Emerald Hill ( beside CentrePoint). It’s a rare chance to see me in such places.. So I decided to order the cocktail Lychee Martini! hahah.. I seriously think that these kind of places and these kind of drinks are not suitable for me. Personally I don’t like alcohol.. Will only drink occasionally. Thanks to the many sips of cocktail (tried out the various flavours the rest ordered), I’m having rashes now. =(

I declare that I’m slightly drunk now. Thoughts are running wild, especially after the short sms conversation while I enjoying the cocktails..