Family Xmas Gathering!

Had a fun time tonight!

The whole event started unofficially at 6pm at Jiawen’s house. Dinner was great! This is the first time I didn’t take any photos of the food. But the food are so nice 2dae! XD *yummy*

Games started at 7+ 8pm. Thanks to my 2 games-organisers for coming up with the games!

First up was “Finding the items”. Each group was given a list of items that they have to get, and report to the organisers when they’ve all the items in the list.

In the midst of finding the items..

I think the list was a bit difficult.. ahhaa.. that the organisers had to call for time-out. There was a tie between 2 groups! While trying to build up the atmosphere, we had the losing group of the tie-breaker sing a song!

While waiting for the group..

After the long wait! Lead by their leader!

The winning team won a box of golden eggs. What award will they get next year?


The awards! The most active Senior Citizen (Male) Award. The 老顽童 in the family!

The most active Senior Citizen (Female) Award. Awarded to her due to her contribution of white hair for the game LOL

The most active Junior Citizen Award.

The most Handsome Award. Lele walked up to Wanxin on his own while the rest were trying to vote. HAHAHAA

The most-Pretty Award. Self-declared. LOL

The next game! Arranging yourselves according to your day/month of birth.

Because there was a tie again, the referee (me!) declared Tony’s group the winner. hahaha.. I’m being fair LOL! So the other group have to sing a song!!

Actually I have some photos to upload.. but I think videos speak a million words. haha! Looking forward to the next family gathering!