Christmas mood

In an xmas mood recently, the Chipmunks Christmas songs are on repeat mode in my media player.

All I want for Christmas.. is my two front teeth xD
Nah I didn’t lose my two front teeth, this is one of the songs from Chipmunk. Cute song!

Oops I lost track on what I want to post. Thoughts went wild, reminisced the past, thought about how life would be now if I didn’t make that decision about 4 years ago, thought about how not skeptical about r/s if certain things hadn’t happened. Haiz.. It’s all the challenges set upon us, I’m losing self-confidence. Going bersek with my life now. I need help, but I’m rejecting all help. -_-”

Feeling sian. Am I doing things because I really want to do or simply because I do not know how to say no?

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