I’ve been tasked..

I’ve been tasked to organise xmas gatherings! Not just one, but three! hahha.. Thank you for the confidence in me, but no.. I’m only going to organise one. LOL..

Starting to become a haggard house-daughter. Been busy doing housework, which can take me the whole day to finish. Feeling so tired everyday!

When am I going to resume my FYP? Haha.. been busy with the housework, else busy sourcing for xmas gifts. Haven’t had the time to sit down and think about FYP. Dying! It’s really time to resume!

In the past one month, 2 fishes have died. *oops* And the last one seems to be joining the queue soon. =X

And ya.. I want to take back what I said in one of my previous entries. Doing so much housework doesn’t seem to help me lose weight. LOL! =(

And oh.. I’m a pro at the cowing game. Haha.. It’s termed by Jiawen for the Mcdonalds game. In a span of 17 years, I’m already earning $260k and I’m still surviving! xD

Edit at 1248am: the 3rd and the last of my 3 blood parrot fishes has died. ahhhh