Super Junior (part 2)

You must be wondering why I didn’t write about which songs Super Junior sang during the showcase.

Well.. that’s because I didn’t know what were the songs (probably except for the latest hit song – Bonamana) then!

Read a few posts on the showcase, now I finally know what was sung that day! :p

As in my previous post, the first time I saw their performance, was when I read DK’s entry on Super Junior crash course. In awed with their performance for the 2 videos I watched.. I kinda expected their performance that night to be of the same standard.

Here’s the first song that they sang – Bonamana. Hit song from the latest (4th) album.


In the 4th album, only 10 members are active. And since this is the latest album, you should be able to recognise 9 of them from the photos I posted previously. Same hairstyle. Probably the only 1 member who doesn’t look familiar – that’s KyuHyun 😀

Neat performance. 10 of them, you don’t find it messy at all. Actions are well timed! Compare that with the original MV:

Equally neat, if not better, since it’s a MV!

2nd song, was a solo by Yesung – It has to be you. The theme song for the show Cinderella’s Sister.

Next was Rokkugo, by one of the sub-groups SuJu-T. This is SuJu-T’s Japanese debut.

Following is another sub-group SuJu-H’s Pajama Party.

 Finally! How can they miss out their hit song – Sorry Sorry? That’s the first song that I heard from them!

Only 11 members appeared during this.  Here’s a video with the 12 members. (Missing Kibum who left to pursue his acting career).

Very neat performance I say. 🙂

Now compare their performance with the original MV.

Are you convinced yet? That they can dance VERY well? :p


There are 4 sub-groups: SuJu-T(rot), SuJu-M(andarin), SuJu-Happy, SuJu-K.R.Y.

SuJu-T members: Heechul, Leetuk, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Kangin, Shindong

SuJu-M members: Hankyung, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Donghae, 2 others not from SuJu.

SuJu-H members: Leetuk, Sungmin, Shindong, Yesung, Kangin, EunHyuk

SuJu-K.R.Y members: (like the group name says) Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung

Alright! Some unfamiliar names? Hankyung, Kangin & Kibum are currently inactive in the group.


This post was started at 6+, took a 1hr dinner break, and it’s 11.15 now. It was a challenge writing this, I ended up watching their performances on youtube!

I can never get tired of their songs and dances (yet)!

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