How stupidity actually made my day

Of course it didn’t! Unless it’s some interesting stupidity 😀

Work is catching up on me. Just like how age catches up on everybody.

So on Tues, I decided to pay a visit to my hairdresser. Took a few minutes to decide on what to wear – I never wear skirts/dress when I visit the hairdresser so my bottoms selection was quite limited that day.

Called to make an appointment at 3.

Was real busy at work, but thought I needed a break since I OT-ed on Monday. Out of office I went, at 6.30pm.

Usual route – take bus to the next bus stop at Far East Shopping Centre, cross the road & take 502.

Waited almost 10minutes at the bus stop, no bus. Knowing that bus 502 stops at the bus stop behind Orchard MRT, I took train to Orchard instead.

The bus stop at the MRT exit doesn’t have bus 502 – no indication on the LED next-bus-arrival display, no 502 number on the sign board. Thinking it might be the other bus stop (there’s 2 bus stops at the MRT exit), I walked over.

Nope, bus 502 doesn’t stop there either. Time check: 6.50. My appointment was scheduled for 7.30pm.

Checked It told me 502 stops at the bus stop nearest to the exit. Checked the iPhone app tranSGuide. It told me the same thing. Thinking maybe gothere isn’t updated, I took bus 190 to the one opposite Far East (where I usually take 502). LED display doesn’t indicate 502. Neither does the sign board. I must have been in a very confused mood. Told myself maybe because it’s express service, so the LED / sign board don’t indicate.

4 buses of 190 came and went. No sight of 502. Time check: 7.10

It finally came to me that, I should check SBS guide.

La la la.

SBS website says. 502 has changed its route!! Time check: 7.15

Would be real stupid to cab down. There’s peak hour surcharge.

So I decided to head home instead. -_-!

I feel so stupid. Should have checked out the route before leaving office, but I was too busy!

Lesson learnt. ALWAYS check bus routes. No site is 100% reliable.

Fragility of life

You know I’m a Super Junior fan when the iPhone is filled with their songs / videos. And the frequent entries on them. Sorry but I do not mean to flood your (RSS) timeline with their news 😀

Have heard about the freak accident 4 of the members (and 2 of their managers), and read about how Kyuhyun felt about it in a recent telecast. But had never went to find out what exactly happened, until I clicked on the last video in this blogpost. And then lots of thoughts came to my mind.

Possibly due to the recent craze over them, the daily dosage(s) of watching their weekly performances and the on-loop playlist of all their albums the entire day, that there’s a sense of 亲切感 (closeness) with them. Feels like they’re your brothers and it hurts when any of them gets injured. Any of you elfs has the same feeling too?

One reason why I love them, is their 执著-ness about life, and the close-knitted bond among them. How Kyuhyun fought hard to stay alive, how all of them continued to perform to the best of their ability. This group seems to be accident prone, somehow. I haven’t done any research, but I remembered my sis telling me other members got into (other) accidents too. Like Heechul, who got into an accident while on his way to visit another member (whom I can’t remember who now)’s dad who was in hospital. The accidents may have impacted some of them, but the close-knitted group continued to stay together and give their best performances.

Now that I think of it, life is really fragile isn’t it? You really can’t predict what will happen, you can’t prevent accidents from happening (you can control yourself but you can’t control others). But what’s more important is treasuring the present, and to embrace whatever things/events that might happen to you.

Knowing how to walk out from past (bad) experiences, is what makes one a stronger person.

And that is the reason why I love them. 🙂

Syupeo Junieo 슈퍼주니어

Maybe.. I should do an arrangement of the members based on their birthdate. Always at a lost who’s older / younger. Only knew (at any instant) that the oldest is Teukie and the youngest is Kyuhyun.

Leetuk – 1 July 1983
Heechul – 10 July 1983
Yesung – 24 Aug 1984
Shindong – 28 Sep 1985 (easily remembered!)
Sungmin – 1 Jan 1986
Eunhyuk – 4 Apr 1986
Donghae – 15 Oct 1986
Siwon – 10 Feb 1987
Ryeowook – 21 Jun 1987
Kyuhyun – 3 Feb 1988

Alright, now I won’t get the (age) sequence wrong! 🙂

Cisco launches Flip Video™

Cisco Systems [yesss I love this company, coz that’s where I had my first internship 10 years ago!] recently launched a new Camcorder in Singapore.

Was privileged to get invited to the launch event on Thurs 🙂

Camcorders might seem common these days, but a pocket camcorder? That was what attracted me! But I was pretty skeptical on the video output. Will the quality be comprised?

So we took the Flip Video™(s) and went around doing some “testing”.

Did this indoor, at the dining venue.

And this was taken outdoor, at the open area of VivoCity at 3rd floor.

Doesn’t seem to impress me much actually. But I’m pretty cool with it, seeing that it’s a compact camcorder. It’s good for play use!

Not until.. I saw the “Watch in HD” mode on youtube! haha oops!

It’s nice of the organisers to have a “choose the correct flip and u get to own it” game. Yes I won it ahhaha!

So I took it with me to a colleague’s housewarming on Sat. Here’s the video I took, in bright daylight, indoor. 🙂

Take a closer look at 0:52. I’m impressed by how the video auto adjusts the brightness as it moves.

Oh! I haven’t show you the size of the camcorder right? Here you go!

The name tag is the normal credit card size. That’s how small the Flip Video™ is (the one in the backdrop is MinoHD™)!

More info on Flip Video™ on the official site.

Cisco Flip MinoHD™ is currently retailing at SGD 349, if you’re keen to get one 🙂

Finally, thank you Julian from Text100 for the invite!

He’s Beautiful

If you’ve watched the korean drama He’s Beautiful, you wouldn’t feel unfamiliar with this song

Yup this is the theme song, Still by Lee Hong Ki from F.T. Island.

With the recent debut of the drama in Taiwan, Lee Hong Ki offered to do a mandarin version of the theme song!

This song was recorded within 30mins! Considering that it’s a foreign language, Lee Hong Ki’s good! 😀

Oh I’m gonna rewatch the drama! :p

C.N Blue – Love

No idea why the korean wave these days, but since I’ve always felt at home with the Korean language (other than Japanese & Cantonese), and the recent Super Junior craze, I’m very into Korean shows/songs now 😀

Justin was introducing me to this song by C.N Blue (a Korean group) a week ago, when we went for the food trail. I thought it was pretty ok, until I saw the video. I love rock songs with live band! <3<3

Thought the lead singer (the guy in the middle) look very familiar, did a search on the group members and I got it right. He’s one of the main actors from the korean drama I watched recently – He’s Beautiful.

The song’s not bad, gonna search for their other songs now 😀

Food Trail

Random snapshots from the food trail that Victor organised last week 🙂

Obviously I don’t have enough confidence to post other photos, so hop on to my flickr if you’re keen. 😛

Super Junior – No Other

They look so happy dancing this!

Their first performance for the new song in the repackaged Bonamana album.

Performance on 3 July

Performance on 4 July

Music Video

Performance on 9 July [Short version]

Performance on 10 July [Short version]

Performance on 11 July [Short version]

Performance on 16 July [Short version]

Performance on 18 July [Short version, refreshing performance]

Performance on 23 July [short version]

Performance on 24 July [YHY Sketchbook]

Performance on 24 July [Music Core]

Performance on 25 July [No Other + Bonamana] [The last performance they have, before concentrating on the concert preparations]