It’s tiring

Minimal updates, gone missing, lack of response on MSN. But there’s still constant update on Plurk that you can see on the right bar.

What have I been up to?


And more work.

Actually it’s just 1.

But it’s enough to take away my time.

Ansley was back few weeks ago, managed to catch up with him for a short dinner, before he had to rush off to babysit his nieces -.- I think I miss the frequent updates on the 3 gals 😀

I’m hoping meet-ups with my gfs can get more frequent. Guess that’s the only way I can get away from work. Bored with my life.

I need more activities in my life. Like visiting the HortPark, or going prawning. Or more movies perhaps.

On a sidenote, congratulations to Shufen on her official graduation from NUS!

My aunts were at my place yesterday. No idea why they were suddenly so adventurous, knowing that Jiawen is coming back on Sat night, they suggested going to the airport to receive her. o.O Jiawen you must be touched eh! Left the airport only at 11pm after a half hour wait for the bus.

Woke up today at noon with a headache, so irritating that I nearly vomit whatever I ate. Forced myself to sleep and felt so much better after waking up at 6.30pm 😀

Still feeling tired. There’s still a slight heacache, hoping it’ll get better tomorrow morning.

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