the week

Finally had a chance to blog, even for a short one.

I wanted to write something, had some thoughts just now. But at the thought of being so busy at work, I succumbed to the temptation of reading blogs that I checked out pretty often.

And after reading those blogs, I lost my thoughts.

I’m feeling tired, mentally. Ha.. To say that I love my job. I still do, but in the midst of rushing project, my brain had been at work everyday, weekends inclusive. Despite being on the badminton court, reading novel or playing MapleStory, the brain was still thinking of work. How and where should the logic go. =|

I’m deprived of brain-freedom now. Totally. Even mapling doesn’t help these days.

Gfs are busy with their work, while a good-cum-close gf starting to plan for her wedding next year.


I need to catch up at work. Super steep learning curve I had, and still having. Learning and getting the project to work at the same time. 2 weeks behind schedule, how great.

Work life, I guess, is still under check, just need to buck up. Personal life wise, is in a real mess. Pressure from everywhere. Sigh.

Ahhh I hate it when the many thoughts can’t be brought out of the mind. Makes one feel terrible.

No idea why I keep losing my thoughts 🙁