Down with a cold

Thanks to the Popeyes Chicken on Sat, my throat acted strangely on Sunday night.

Too busy on Monday to visit the doctor.

Finally I couldn’t stand the pain on Tues. Doctor didn’t want to give me MC despite giving me medicine that cause drowsiness?! I still requested for it anyway. Clever me popped by office to take the power adapter, ended up sitting at my workdesk working for almost 2 hours, until the medicine conked me out. I had no choice but to leave.

And clever me went to setup an appointment with SF. Hahahha. Waited an hr plus for her, another hour at the bank before our Sakae lunch at 3pm.

You got it. I was accused of chao-keng. Thanks Reenz.. lol

I reached home only at 6pm, feeling drained. Took medicine and plonked onto my bed, waking up only 13 hours later.

Darn, how come I felt worse than the day before?!

Another visit to the doc, another clinic this time. I must have an affinity with Dr Lim(s) this week, both my doctors have the same surname. Today’s doctor, Dr Lim CW is good. He was the doctor who attended to my wart request few months back, and he bothered to ask me today how was the wart. 😀

And yes, he forced me to rest by giving me MC. After explaining what I was down with. Common Cold. Which anti-biotics won’t help in curing it. (That explains why I didn’t get any antibiotics the day before too). Common Cold is a virus. Unfortunately, there isn’t any antiviral medicine around. So the best way to cure it, is to have enough rest. Let your body rest, and your body will fight against the virus.

Wow. Those were his exact words.

Thankfully, I slept through the whole afternoon, 5 hours of sleep after lunch. Feeling much better.

Just took another dosage of medicine (that’s like an hour ago, hoping it won’t act up before the show ends at 11), I can now feel the drowsiness coming.

I think as long as my brain has got something to do, I won’t feel drowsy easily. Maybe that’s why it took the medicine 1 hour this time round.