Not that I wanna complain

I’m sick of organising gatherings. Sending emails like 1 week in advance, no one responded with venue suggestions.

So, of course, the organiser had to make the decision right? Since the gathering is fixed on a friday, reservations had to be done early.

All set on Monday. Sms-ed those who didn’t confirm attendance via email. All ok.

And the organiser is feeling happy.

The night before, when all had been set & confirmed, a sudden suggestion to change location -_-

I dunno.. I felt a pain at the heart. Just like someone took a knife and stabbed on me. Not from the back but from the front. The heart felt heavy.

It’s like.. as the organiser, when still in the planning stage, tried asking for suggestions. When all’s confirmed, then someone suggest change in venue. Somehow it felt like someone threw my work back at me and say “redo”. When I know I tried my best to accomodate everyone.

And the msn conversation went out of control.

I wanted to object the change in location, and knowing me, I usually don’t say “no” outfront. I’m more like a weakling. I know I’ll end up following people’s instructions if I don’t say it out. And I did just that. I violent object the change in location. And somehow, the conversation got a bit embarassing in the sense that we’re all good friends. I don’t feel good.

Though the location is changed back to the originally-planned one, I don’t feel comfortable. Like the mood is gone.

But then, from another point of view, this could be a way of telling me that we really are good friends. ‘Coz when you’re close enough, you’ll be treating everyone like family that you don’t care if they violent object or not. You just want to say your piece, even if it’s at the last minute. ‘Coz you’re comfortable with them.

But probably, there could be a better way of putting things across.

Oh well. Hope things don’t turn out to be very akward tomorrow at the dinner.