back dated post =)

Alright! Many posts for the past 3 days but no proper topics! =D Hope you had enjoyed the songs!


Leeway flew me a pigeon! LOL! Hope you’re feeling better gal! Great thing I had my 2 budz & Zu for company! Sam joined us for dinner shortly after, after finding no one to have dinner with? Awww.. Chi Wei joined us too! From an initial date of 2, it got increased to 3, and to 5 when my 2 budz wanted to jio me for dinner (and they came to join us instead lol) , to 6 then to 7! Didn’t know that an impromptu dinner can have such a pretty good response. hee =D

Ktv session after that with my budz. Zu joined us! It got so interesting ‘coz it always had been the 3 of us, and we had 4 that night! Eric joined us halfway thru, while Zu left when her mum came to pick her up. Heh and we sang till 3+! Had a great time singing! oh when will the next session be? XD


Woke up pretty late, coz I slept only at 4.30am. =  Considerably an enjoyable day though.. badminton @ night. Dunno why but I kinda like the trip home. =)


Heh.. Happy bday mum! Happy Father’s Day!


Oh it’s another 4 days to weekend! Boss came back feeling blue. Everyone’s having monday blues. Changed my msn nick just for them. haha!

had a chat over kopi with boss at the coffeeshop opposite. tea break. haha!  one reason why I love this co, is that it makes me feel I’m a rare gem waiting to be polished. I can feel boss’s sincerity in allowing me to pick up new things at work, so that I won’t be stuck at the current technology. I’m deeply grateful for his plans for my career, irregardless if I’m staying on or not. Appreciate his thoughts and for throwing me (alone) this new client’s site when I’m still a newbie. No newbie gets this treatment there. I’m honored, and dun worry boss, I won’t disappoint you =)

It’s Tuesday! 3 more days to weekend! woohoo!~ It shall be TGIF in 3 days time!