busy weekend


Just done with maple. PQ has killed me 3 times. LOL.  I shall not lead a pq pt anymore. NOOB.

Mayday concert was great!! Had a great workout! Kept jumping throughout the whole concert. FUN! Let’s all leave the earth! No special guests this time, Masa sang solo – Yellow and a song that he composed. Someone requesed Guanyou to sing solo for 1 phrase of a song. What else.. ahha.. I just love them!

After-effect: whole body aching today! ><”

As of now, my muscles are still aching. Especially the stomach muscles. It just shows that I need to get more athletic. Speaking of sports.. someone teach me how to swim!! Despite 4 yrs in ntu, my various swimming coaches gave up on teaching me. =(

Been mapling for too long. Shoulders aching!! boo!

Shall do a bit of blog surfing b4 I hit the pillow. Oh my bolster is having pimples all over its body. Time to throw it away!