Fight or no fight, I have no decision at the moment. Finding ways to stay away from it. But I’m still optimistic. Life still goes on =)

TGIF! It was an enjoyable evening at work. Though I left office only at 7.30, no regrets!

Human rights

一颗心扑通扑通的狂跳 一瞬间烦恼烦恼烦恼全忘掉
我再也不要 再也不要 委屈自己一秒

If only it can be that easy.. Can things be easily forgotten? Can troubles be easily thrown away?

But if the world is that perfect, life would be so mundane isn’t it?

Humans are just so hard to be satisfied.

Oh well.. make the best use of what you have now. So do I fight for my own happiness or do I leave everything to fate?