setbacks are meant to be challenges for the better days ahead

I find myself so pro to be able to come up with this phrase! lolx! Shucks and my bro was laughing when he saw me typing! >< The statement was meant to encourage a friend who's feeling demoralised due to some issues. It may sound profound, but if we were to keep thinking how bad a thing is, we'll never get a good solution out of it. Why not spend the time thinking how to turn the situation to our benefit instead? =) Setbacks happen every now and then. Depending on the type. I used to have a friend K, whom we used to chat about every little things happening around us. Although we don't do that often, I thought it was a valuable friendship, someone who's there to provide some kind of opinions, someone who was able to understand how I feel. Until K left SGP for student exchange overseas. Since then, I seldom see K online in msn. I left a message in friendster but there wasn't any reply. We weren't very close friends, but I wanted to keep the friendship alive. Almost a year later, I heard from mutual friends that K is back in SGP. Probably due to me not being active in keeping in contact, K didn't attempt to contact me. I'm pretty fine with it, but thought it a waste to let a friendship die off just like that. It takes 2 hands to clap. Both parties have to put in effort to keep the friendship going, isn't it? It is this failed friendship that made me treasure my buddies more. Really glad to have my buddies around 24/7. Thanks for being there when I'm down XD. Am also glad to have a group of close friends from school, some of whom I'm able to share my inner thoughts with. Oh how can I miss out on LW?  I feel blessed! And I'm pretty sure that no matter what setbacks I'm currently facing in life, my buddies and friends will definitely be around to lend me support!

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  1. I’ve been contemplating for a long time whether I should comment at all (I don’t do online comments at all anyway), but heck, let’s see what happens.

    Maybe I get a kick doing hidden updates. After all, your blog is pretty open and you write almost everything in here. Maybe it’s my privacy bug acting. Actually, no. I think it’s a permanent side effect from an IT overdose.

    In any case, I have my reasons, of which you may or may not understand in due time. I’ll leave that to fate. Though I do agree with the clapping part. Either I’m too tired to clap, or I’m too lazy to clap. Wait, I think I just forgot how to clap.

    In the meantime, you can view it as me having a hibernation period of sorts. Though I’m pretty sure you know I don’t really like to let certain things die out. Most things change over time, but some things don’t.

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