In a happy mood!

Got woken up by many smses this morning!

The first thing I did when I got out of bed at 1130am, was to snatch the PC from my bro and checked my results. 真是捏了一把冷汗! If you remember my exam timetable, my papers are all within 1 week. 6 papers in 6 days. The kill-est semester I ever had in my whole NTU life. Though I didn’t perform very well, I’m glad that I managed to pass all my modules!! That also means that I’m no longer lagging behind schedule! Finally on par with my peers! Whee!!!

Just when I was in a hyper mood, I saw K’s comments in one of my entries. Be it someone informed him of that particular entry, or he’s another of my avid readers, I’m glad that he left a comment. At least I know that he’s still alive and is still interested in how this friend is surviving. Thanx! =D But still, I need to clarify. This is an open blog, where I blog about almost everything that ever happened in my life. When typing that entry, I actually had lots of thoughts going through my mind. The centre of attention of that issue wasn’t targeted at friend K. It just happened that the incident brought up was one of the many cases that I’ve seen, probably not all personally-encountered. keke..

Went out to watch Borat with JK & Jem. Quite a plot-less show to a certain extent, but I must admit that some parts are real funny! Had a nice laugh at the no-meaning-yet-hilarious scenes! Went arcade after that. Been a long time since I last stepped into one and actually play the games. Hee.. I’m starting to get hooked to playing the percussion game. So fun! Although I keep losing to JK, I’m improving! LOL!

I think Lady Luck has been shining on me recently. Been winning on the mahjong tables. Small wins, but it helped boost my confidence. Hahahhaha =X

5am. Time to finalise my timetable for next sem!