the daily newspapers

Spent quite sometime editing the photos below. Haha.. Long time since I last did such editing! XD

While I’m now feeling hungry and tired, let me try to recall what I’ve done for the day.

Went Nan Hua to have a chat with the VP. Felt honoured to know that the VP still remember me! Asked him about some issues on a friend’s behalf, and he asked if the friend is my bf. *pengz* When I met up with Meili jie later on, she also asked if I’m attached. Wah.. I must have the words “I’m single” on my forehead le! 2 questions within 2 hours of each other! >< Shopped around Suntec alone after that. Wanted to get Royce chocolates for a friend, the queue was damn long! Got my D24 Gelato icecream and went ahead with my window shopping instead. Haven't been shopping alone for a long time. Felt great, being able to shop at my own pace while enjoying the icecream. Think I walked the whole Suntec thrice. LOL.. Kind of fun, though I was in the wrong attire. Can try doing it again next time, when the streets are less crowded. Feeling pretty stressed up actually.. I really need to work on my FYP. =(