Gathering with ex-colleagues

Seems like my entries recently are at the weird hours of the day. Doesn’t look too good as school is starting soon. Need to get back to my previous lifestyle!

Was out for KTV with Grouser & gang. Since I decided to cook dinner, I met them only at 9pm @ PartyWorld Orchard. My bus went past Paragon, and saw the gang outside. Was trying to send thoughts to them to look at my bus, but it seems like I need more practise on mind power. hahhaha! Fun time at KTV! Sang till I had no voice! How bad can it get? My throat was already feeling unwell days ago, it worsened after the KTV. *oops*

Supper at Coffee Club across the road. Decided to drink coffee ‘coz there wasn’t anything non-caffeine that I wanted to drink. (This is the main reason why I’m still awake now.One cup of coffee usually can last for about 10 hours for me. ><) The usual catch-up session ended at around 3am. Even though the few of us meet up quite often, today's turnout rate is the highest! Kudos to Grouser!! LOL.. Must give her credits lah.. since it is rare to have 8 people turning up for a KTV + supper session. *applause* Just added a few new albums into my computer. Nice songs! wahhaha! Can't wait for the album to reach SG! It's a must-buy! Argh! If I don't turn in any sooner, I'll be waking up only at 1pm later! It'd be such a waste to spend the Saturday morning! Especially when my to-do list has started to get longer again!

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