So what now?

I’ve made the first step. Making this blog a part of

Starting to wonder how geeky will I get? I’m like the only one in my dept who blogs? Though not the only one in the company.

Sometimes I wonder too.. how long will this internet craze last? I’ve had interest in internet since secondary school days, but no interest in blogging until 2003, despite having a diploma in Internet Computing. Such an irony. I remembered started blogging when I started reading Grouser’s blog. Got influenced by her to start blogging. And, yes u got it, not long after, I got myself this domain. But the only thing I do with it, is blogging (with 3 urls thus far).

Currently working in a digital agency, means my job scope is so digital that my babies are published on the internet. Sometimes work has gotten me so tired of the internet that I don’t feel like blogging (but I still LOVE reading blogs).

I’ve not been a fan of publishing my blog to public – this blog has been kept private from search engines since day 1. With the move to publish it on, I wonder how different it can be. More people have access to this blog now, be it via search engine or via, does that mean my blog content has to be changed?

Shall see how it goes. When there comes a day I want to hide away from too much publicity..

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