Plurk Sushi Outing

Finally had a chance to meet up with newly-found friends on Plurk!

Dinner location was nearby office – Ichiban Boshi @ Esplanade.

4 of us were early, with the rest reaching only after 7pm.

Interesting group of people, all most of them knowing one another from, while I got to know them through Plurk, Hendri otherwise.

Nice time laughing at the jokes, nice food.

Thanks Daphne Maia for organising!

And here are the attendees:

Ridzuan, Hendri, Janellee, Krisandro, Khaosd, |||Sylv|||, Wenderella, DaphneMaia

Plurk Sushi Outing

Post edit: I’m very surprised. This entry at can get 8 pongs! Wow..

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  1. My boss knows long ago! (That’s why he threw me into the project for 14days! Coz I suggested using wordpress LOL) Except that he doesn’t know the url! ssshhhhhhhh

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