the pain of lift upgrading

My zone has been undergoing lift upgrading since Nov last year. Nevermind the inconveniences caused when they had to block some paths so that the machinaries can pass.

Because I stay beside the existing lifts, I’m the last to be affected – in some sense.

So the new lift B (at the other end of the block) is now in operation. Existing lift A is closed for upgrading, and existing lift B is still in operation. You get what I mean.

But! In the span of 2 weeks, existing lift B went out of order 5 times! Nevermind that since there’s the new lift B right? The new lift B is out of order this morning too! *faints*

The only operational lifts (both old and new) went out of order at the same time. Nevermind if you stay on the first few storeys.. I pity the elderly who stay on the upper storeys. Climbing 12 storeys of stairs is no easy feat for them! Especially in the morning when everyone came back from the market. -.-

And to think I thought they shut off the power supply for the existing lift B ’cause they had to do upgrading to the existing lift A (they’re aside each other).

Interestingly, existing lift B was out of order when I reached home last night. No complaints since there’s new lift B to use. When I reached my floor, I was wondering why my neighbours didn’t make a detour to the new lift B (saw them walking towards the existing lift B). Tadah! Existing lift B is in operation!

And it went out of order again this morning, way before the workers start work.

Upgrade or no upgrade, doesn’t make a difference to me, since I already stay beside the lift. For the convenience of my neighbours. No voting was required (no idea why this is so, but there was no voting being done), it was a “ok! the whole estate shall undergo lift upgrading” kind of thing (after the 2008 elections). (Not sure if other blocks have any voting system done, but the whole estate is undergoing lift upgrading now)

Ahhhh the pain of lift upgrading! How long more do we need to endure the pain?

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