The BIG Plan

You know.. I was sorting out the photos in the pictures folder. Saw this folder named SHE Concert 2007. Before I decided to hit the DELETE button, I opened it to browse through the photos. Realise I really took A LOT of photos. From file number 0012 to 0230. LoL.

Looking at the 3 ladies, my favourite still got to be Ella, all thanks to the show Hamizaki.

No idea why I always thought she’s the biggest size in the group. But when I looked at the photos again, she actually has got a nice figure. Not skinny, a little bit bah4-bah3. =)

Then I suddenly thought to myself, if only I can have a figure like hers. LOL. So the BIG plan now, is to SLIM DOWN. WAHAHHAHA!

And I must keep to my plan. No late night suppers! More exercise.

*fingers crossed*

And oh.. it’s such a humid day.

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