zi lang zi bua.. gum qing buay sua..

Back from movie marathon! Thanks for watching both shows with me! Doubt anyone is crazy enough to watch continuous movies ba.. haha.. Had a great time watching! =D

zi lang zi bua.. gum qing buay sua.. zi lang zi su gu..gum qing jia eh gu..

There are many blogs talking about this local movie about getais. I believe you have read about this show, so I won’t write much about it. I hear the song 一人一半 before hearing about the movie, after watching the movie, that’s it. Sad story behind the song.

Found this link from another blog. As written in my previous post, the original of this song is in Hokkien, 《一人一半感情不散》 by 范俊福. Liu Ling Ling (or 玲姨 in the show)’s version of the Hokkien song.

Here’s the link to the song in chinese

Thanks to my movie partner for finding these links!

The 881 cast @ Ubi Ave1 Getai!

Go watch it! Touching show. Can’t wait for the Soundtrack be out soon! They ran out of stock! (Couldn’t find it @ HMV just now. Probably they don’t have? The blog says 2nd release of the ost was out on 15Aug.)

不能说的秘密 (Secret)
What can I say about this movie.. Jay Chou did a good job for his first production! Like wat my movie partner said, the story is kinda straight forward, it’s the way it’s being filmed. Well.. I watch shows to relax. As long as the story is simple, actors can act, high chance I’ll like the show. LoL. And yes.. I’m a goner for romance movies. So I guess this movie was a right choice =)

Because of the timings of the shows, we didn’t have a proper dinner. And I’m freaking hungry now. =X

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