Duodenal Ulcer

Some of you may have known, my bro was hospitalised few days back.

Finally understood what happened. – Duodenal Ulcer.

Dunno eh? =D

According to the doctor, duodenal is somewhere between the stomach & the intestine.

The ulcer was bleeding, and it led to a low red blood cell count. Couldn’t understand why this was the case, shouldn’t the red blood cell count be higher? Until my bro told me.. ulcer bleeding, blood actually got released out of the bloodstream. LOL.

The cause of the ulcer? Ha..

A duodenal ulcer occurs when an alteration occurs in the aggressive and/or protective factors such that the balance is in favor of gastric acid and pepsin. Any process that increases gastric acidity (eg, individuals with increased maximal and basal acid output), decreases prostaglandin production (eg, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs [NSAIDs]), or interferes with the mucous layer (eg, Helicobacter pylori infection) can cause such an imbalance and lead to peptic ulcer disease. — Adopted from eMedicine.com

Now you know.. Have your meals on time!

Mayday – Si Ben Dao Yue Qiu 私奔到月球

Cool.. Another song to add to my Favourites!
Enjoy =)

专辑:离开地球表面 jump!

(M)其实你是个心狠又手辣的小偷  我的心我的呼吸和名字都偷走
(F)你才是绑架我的凶手  机车后座的我吹着风逃离了平庸

(M)这星球天天有五十亿人在错过  多幸运有你一起看星星在争宠
(F)这一刻不再问为什麽  不再去猜测人和人心和心有什麽不同

(B)一二三牵着手四五六抬起头  七八九我们私奔到月球
让双脚去腾空让我们去感受  那无忧的真空那月色纯真的感动

(M)当你说太聪明往往还是会寂寞  我笑着倾听孤单终结后的静寞
(F)看月亮像夜空的瞳孔  静静凝视你我和我们闹嚷的星球

(M)靠近你怎麽突然两个人都词穷  让心跳像是野火燎原般的汹涌
(F)这一刻让命运也沉默  让脚尖划过天和天地和地缘分的宇宙

(B)一二三牵着手四五六抬起头  七八九我们私奔到月球
让双脚去腾空让我们去感受  那无忧的真空那月色纯真的感动

一二三牵着手四五六抬起头  七八九我们私奔到月球
让双脚去腾空让我们去感受  那无忧的真空那月色纯真的感动

一二三牵着手四五六抬起头  七八九我们私奔到月球
让双脚去腾空让我们去感受  那无忧的真空那月色纯真的感动