Too blessed to be stressed

Might have overworked myself the past few weeks, without a really good rest during weekends as well.

I knew flu was coming, popped medicine on Sun night. Was it the strong medicine, or was it me who’s too tired? I couldn’t wake up on Mon morning despite a good 8hr of sleep. Stoned the whole morning in office, before I decided to take the afternoon off and head home to sleep. 5 hrs of afternoon nap. Felt so refreshed when I woke up at 7pm. Having enough sleep really work wonders. Though it’s not enough to compensate what had been lost for the past 2 months, I’m still thankful for an understanding boss for not treating my “off” as leave, but as time off for the hardwork put in instead, thankful for him for letting me have a good rest.

I’m seriously glad I chose to come back here and work. Though I can only compare with the hell-company I was at prior to this current one, I still believe I made the right choice. A caring & understanding boss isn’t easy to find.

I’m happy with where I am now. Learning what I want to learn, applying what I learnt on the job. It’s getting more interesting when I’ve learnt how to multitask more. More projects getting on hand, some of which are on stuff that I’ve not touched on before.  Good learning experience, I’d say. Slow but steady.

It’s only when you feel a sense of belonging would you want to put in more effort in what you’re doing. I believe it’s something I’ve mentioned before. Mentioned to my boss that I’m stressed in performing better than what I’ve already done, he gave me this phrase: we’re too blessed to be stressed. Which is true in a way. How stress can you be, when you have no worries on having a roof above your head, having food to eat everyday, having clothes to wear.. =)

It’s time to gear up. I’ve never felt so revitalised as I’d felt the whole day today. I’m still energetic after clocking in 13hours of work (excluding lunch hour) today. Probably it’s the much needed nap that I had yesterday afteroon. -)

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