it’s eons..

Work hadn’t been too smooth for the past week, but I’m working hard to prove that my standard is actually higher than the one I’m being compared to. Was feeling quite demoralised those days, this shall be a challenge that I’ll set for myself. My expectations are high, standard is high. I just have to prove it.

Work aside, it had been quite a mundane week. Somehow I lost my motivation again. I should try not to bring issues at work out of the office. It affects me somehow.

There was quite a big hoo-haa recently within my guild. While I don’t understand their rationale when it’s just a game, my mood was affected. What’s the motivation in playing game when you lost a group of game-mates? New maps! Yeah man. Took me a good 2 hours plus before I managed to login successfully into the game last night. Then my laptop had to give way. I kept having graphics error. LOL. Great.

Sian. Mundane life now. Probably I should face the fact that I’m still not fully adapted to work life. bleah.

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