Stepping in the next phrase of life

I initially had loads of stuff to write, after being absent for 4 days, and now I’ve much more to write on after reading Cheryl‘s blog. This is probably going to be quite a random post, depending on what I can remember I want to blog on.

Starting with the most fresh thoughts.. Cheryl’s blog. LOL. Jiawen’s friend, my junior from Nan Hua. (Not that I’m going to introduce her here lah.. hahaha) But her entries reminded me of my days @ NH. Sec sch life is definitely fun! I miss those days =( NH’s 90th anniversary dinner is coming. Glad that a lot of current students are going (wonder why they are such rich kids, $100 per person! gosh), but none of my friends are going (minusing off my alumni khakis) LOL.  Freaking expensive! Same venue as 10 yrs ago when I was still in sec 4, price increased by 40 bucks! Inflation? by 66%? siao.  Not worth my money I’d say.

Next up. I’ve been busy at work, that by the time I reach home, I don’t feel like touching my laptop at all. Journal was KIV-ed coz I was already so tired after work, that I don’t feel like using the comp anymore. And my mapling hours has drastically decreased. Boo!

Finally gotten jkai’s book! Thanks WK for helping me get from Taiwan!

Aching all over now. Been a long time since I last had a badminton session! Woke up late, driver woke up late also. LOL. A supposedly 2hr session @ Jurong West Sports Stadium got reduced to 1hr. And a hearty breakfast brunch @ Jurong West St 52 after that! Toiletries shopping then back home. Did a bit of journal experiment in the afternoon, almost dozing off in the process. Dead tired.

Family dinner that night! Fun dinner! It’s always great to gather up with my cousins! The youngsters table was the best! Hahaha! Oh Jiayun your scrunchie’s still with me. LOL.

Slept pretty early. Think the sun rose from the west. hahaha! I had a nice 10hr of sleep at last.

So today was spent.. doing journal experimenting again. Hoping to get all experiments done before I start officially on journal writing.

Photos will be up when I’m much free-er to do editing. =X


ps: seems like there’s not that many things to blog on at all. Is my life that boring? =

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