The Injured Personnel

Been fiddling with the title, and I think this is the best

Why injured? Haa.. long story short, I slipped and fell =( Fell on a pile of MUD. Whaahah

Ok don’t ask why I fell. I’ve no idea why, was walking on the grass patch. The moment I stepped onto the concrete pavement, I fell lor, yeah lor. ><

Jeans muddy, bag muddy, shirt muddy, specs fell to the floor and got scratched, and I had to step on my jacket. yucks

Thanks Fen for helping me clean up so that I can board the bus properly. hahaha

And being the considerate me, I stood all the way home. hai.

Big toe in pain, coz it was scratched against the floor, and now there’s 3 small red spots, machiam red ant bites. =(