blisters and more blisters

My legs have officially complained that they are worn out from the consecutive 2 days of walking around in heels. Interviews, interviews and more interviews = blisters, blisters and more blisters.

Went shopping in office heels on Monday. Yeah kill me. hahaha.. But since I was in the area after the interview, I did some necessities-shopping before going home. On the bus back, no idea why it was packed at 4+pm,  I stood all the way. Worse is, the 2 aunties were holding on to the seat-handle tt I was holding on to. I already was trying to balance myself with my stuff le, and they had to keep moving closer to me! haiz.. Then I was forced to keep stepping backwards lah! And had to use the hanging handle instead. I almost killed the 2 aunties lah! Cannot stand properly meh? Both of them were holding on to TWO seat-handles lor! ><

3 blisters when I got home.

Yesterday! Another interview @ bugis area. Decided not to wear those office heels coz my toes were in pain lah.. Had to wear open toe heels. Hahah.. Walked over to SLS area to deliver some documents, then walk to Bugis Junction and back to SLS again. pain pain! And I kept asking budz to walk slower coz I really couldn’t walk fast. LOL.

3 new blister when I got home.

And so today, no interviews until next week! phew! I’m finally back to wearing my comfy slippers!

I’ve decided, prolly I need a new pair of more comfy office shoes.

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