Sweet Chicken Porridge!

Finally joined my SCE khakis for supper. LoL! Sweet Chicken Porridge @ Balestier! *blurps* Thankful that the pot with the least spiciness was reserved for me. hahaha! Else I think my stomach’s gonna complain!

Nice food, nice company. Enjoyable due to the amount of jokes cracked, the bai-kah joke that Fen, her bro & me said the exact same statement in unison. Hahah! Freaking lame siah!

Fen: “Oh my house there got 鲨鱼粥 (sha1 yu2 zhou1) , Sharks’ fin porridge”
KS: “鲨鱼粥?”
Fen: “Ya!”
Phee: “but it’s normal fish mah”
Fen, her bro, me: “ya lah! 杀-鱼-粥 mah! ” (same prononciation, but means kill-fish-porridge)

*laughs out loud* Really bai-kah joke!

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