The Long Bus Trip

Waited quite sometime for bus 183 @ Science Park II, it being an almost-half-hourly bus service which loops at Science Park II. Clouds gathering up high in the sky.

3pm. Bus came. Waited a while while the bus driver went down to check the bus. Moved off, and it started to rain at the next junction. Rain gets heavier.

Reached Clementi MRT station. HEAVY rain.

Next stop: Nan Hua Primary School. Alighted. huh? huh? where’s the rain? The ground was dry!

3.20pm. Bus 173 came. Decided to check out the bus route to Bt Batok. Drizzled.

Bus turned. Reached PIE.  Bus turned in to Toh Tuck! OMG! Isn’t that the route to Bt Timah??

5 mins. Turning around Toh Tuck.

10 mins. Still at Toh Tuck. OMG what’s the bus doing so long at Toh Tuck? I want to go Bt Batok!

20 mins. Bt Timah market. oO Almost alighted and changed bus home.

Thought the bus will turn at Hillview. It turned at Hume Park! New road explored!

Then it went to the turn-a-bout at Hillview. Looped.

Turned in to the semi-detached houses opposite Lam Soon Building. Another 5 mins gone.

Turned to the same main road and continued.

Thought it’ll turn at the condo at the junction and go straight to interchange. wrong. lol.

Turned at next junction (Blk 265) instead. Great. Saw Aunt Elsie and grandma board the bus! And they didn’t see me until I gave Aunt Elsie a call. ><

It didn’t turn at Keming Pri as expected. Gosh another new area explored.

The route after that was expected.

By the time I reached interchange, it was 4.10pm.

50mins from the PIE to interchange!!

It could have taken me just 15mins if I’d taken bus 106 instead of 173.

Long journey indeed.