A relief taxi driver got into an accident at night. The next morning, police loitered around the taxi, hoping to bring the taxi driver back to the station for investigations. And the taxi owner Uncle Y couldn’t work ‘coz the taxi was held back by the police. Which means no income for the cabby till the taxi is released by the police. Imagine if you’re the owner of the taxi, and saw police waiting by ur taxi that was parked below your HDB flat. =| But still, no one knows what exactly happened between the hospitalised driver and the relief cabby, friends of each will definitely side by their friend/relative. Who’s right, who’s wrong, the judge decide? Much as I dun understand this logic behind, I still hope the patient gets out of consciousness and let the cabby owner be back on the road. Uncle Y is the innocent one =| I’ve no updates frm Uncle Y whether he’s back on the road or not, but I seriously hope the patient gets well soon.

Funerals.. the 6th one within 6 weeks. Seems like it’s the season? Especially with Qing Ming last weekend. And I’m still haunted by the thoughts of life after death. Probably not as scary as the last time, but the fear is still there =(

Feeling hot, tired and hungry. The weather seems funny recently.