This is my land!

This is my land, an island where I wander free,
Land of my birth, where my heart longs to be.
Her friendly shores welcomed our fathers long ago
This is our land O Singapore, we love you so!

Arise awake, our land is calling strong and clear,
We will defend this isle we hold so dear,
We all belong to this nation so brave and strong,
This is our land O Singapore, we love you so!


More lyrics

This post has been in my draft since exam period. Hahah.. I love this song!! But just can’t seem to find the mp3 anywhere =(

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3 Responses to This is my land!

  1. Sean Bay says:

    Can you have this on YouTube please?? (:

  2. Derrick Gilbert says:

    I wrote the words to this song.
    It has been lost since the 1980’s. I would like to hear it sung again.

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