Happy New Year!

Before the clock strikes 12.. sounds so cliché =

Anywayz.. Made the most daring decision in my whole life today. Was on my way home from tuition in the evening, and was about to cross the road when bus 975 came. Made an impromptu decision to hop on it. Had always been curious how Lim Chu Kang looks like, and I’ve been saying I wanna explore that area. haha.. And yes.. bus 975 goes that place. Took me an hour before the bus went back to CCK, including a short 5-10mins break at LCK Terminal. It was an eye-opener journey, seen SG in the 60s – 70s. Nurserys, vegetable farms .. Oh and I saw the LCK jetty! Almost wanted to run towards it, but was reminded of me being the alien there. Ya I said alien, ‘coz every1 kept looking at me throughout the journey, as though I was an alien from outer space! Was quite scared actually.. but I believed the driver will bring me back to CCK safely. XD

Felt so proud of myself, that I fulfilled one wish of mine. hahaa… There will be another time, definitely! You’ll never know how amazing any journeys can be.

One wish fulfilled for the year 2006. There’s more to go. Will year 2007 be a more enriching one? =)

Oh and I read in the magazine that 《恶作剧之吻 2》 cast remains the same! Woohoo! It will be on the marriage life of 江直树 and 袁湘琴. Let’s wait and hope to see a comical version of it? hee!


Edit at 11.30pm: Feels so weird to be spending the last hour of 2006 at home. And it’s worse off having to spend the minutes with a sore throat and a constant cough. =(

Happy 2007 to all my avid readers! May the year ahead be a blessful and enriching one for you!

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