suay arh!

Fell down while going up the stairs at the foyer of Nanyang Auditorium yesterday, and fell down within the auditorium just now. Both my legs are injured.. *sob* Gonna take MC and not appear for the event tomorrow.. ^^ I’m a handicapped!

Have not been blogging for 2 days. Let me do a recap..

Spent the morning at home editing the map of the shuttle bus route for the conference. Met up with Rykel from Amway to discuss about the business plan. Rushed down to Temasek Poly after that for a Life After Graduation talk for the year 3s. Dominic & Hannah were there, Alan got the wrong date, and 3 other juniors from my course were there too. Out of the 6 of us, 2 are university graduates (overseas), 1 taking a degree from Laselle-Art & 2 studying Computer Science in NUS. Ya I’m the only one from NTU (again), the only person crazy enough to study engineering in university while the rest study software.. Went back to hall after that, to finish up the map, timeline for the conference, marketing interim report & SC207 project. That was the plan, but I only managed to finish the map. Was too tired to start the research for the interim report, which was supposed to be due on Friday morning.

(Suddenly I forgot what I did on Friday morning, had to sit in front of the laptop and think for 5minutes before I finally remembered)
Had Robot Soccer competition today. The last matches before the champion is finalised. Was in Robotics lab before 9am (ya.. I was early for once..). Was there to oversee the whole competition as the chairperson Lee Lim couldn’t take leave from work. The deliveryman for the conference door gifts was here, had to run down to the auditorium and see where they can be placed. Found an “office”, but was later told to shift all our stuff (Mineral water & other stuff that arrived later) to the room next door. And I fell while going up the stairs @ the auditorium foyer.. Left at 11.10am for a recee of the bus tour (for the conference). By the time it’s done, it was close to 2pm. Went back to robotics lab to catch the last match. At 2.45pm, I got called up by NTU’s Corporate Communications dept. I actually forgot I had to meet the people from Southwest CDC at 2.30! *oops* So well.. I went to meet them, left halfway for my GIP interview, and joined them until the meeting ended at 6.30pm..

And yes.. after that I went to watch Hall 15’s 1st production! A Glass of Desires is what it’s called. Consisted of 2 plays, the 1st one was kinda abstract. A bit hard to understand. The 2nd one was still ok.. But the ending wasn’t very clear-cut. Haha.. Not too bad lah.. Being our 1st production ever, I think it was a good job done!

By the time I reached back to hall, it was 11.30pm.. Was so tired (had headache and diarrhoea while watching the production) that I fell asleep the moment I changed out of my clothes.

Was lucky to wake up early (I didn’t set any alarm the night before) enough to take a shower and meet Ying Jun (from SWCDC) @ Boon Lay. Had problems finding the participants as it was raining quite heavily, and it was unsheltered on the way to the shuttle bus pick-up point. It was only until 8.50am that we managed to find a group of them.

Back to school, I “took” the morning off from the conference to do the marketing research. Was halfway thru when I received a call from Phee saying it’s all done. Argh!! I felt so bad! Haven been contributing to this project at all! I’m not a freeloader! I’m feeling so stressed.. No one has been giving me the pressure, but I felt so overwhelmed with the huge pile of workload. Exams are in less than 2 months’ time. And I’ve yet started reading my notes, or rather, I’ve yet read my notes from the day I bought them. Gonna die..

Anyway, was stationed in our HQ the whole day. The event for today is supposed to end at 9pm. Had to go around making sure things are going smoothly. Was in the auditorium for the dry-run, when I slipped and fell AGAIN! This time, I think I sprained my foot and some more bruises in addition to those from yesterday’s fall. Walking with pain.. *sob* After so much running about, I’m staying put in HQ now. Hai.. really felt like I’m not doing anything at all..

So here I am now, at HQ ( it actually is a tutorial room ) doing nothing while the rest are at work..