lonely vday

vday.. and I’m stuck in hall ‘coz Ash fly me aeroplane *sob* and my roomie ain’t ard..

So here I am blogging.. Busy day @ school. Skipped lecture for a meeting @ SAO. Had a quick lunch before I stepped into the lab which both my partner & I didn’t do much preparation. And it’s assessment this lab. *dead* And the quiz this morning.. not too bad.. but I didn’t finish reading the notes.. So can’t do a few questions..

So tired.. Think I go take a nap..

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4 Responses to lonely vday

  1. Oi San says:

    Frew… 2am nearly..we are still online.. u studying i blogging…ha…you intro to mi this addiction….arghhhhh

  2. leeway says:

    haha.. and guess who intro-ed sunshine to her addiction… wahahah!!!

  3. skycloud says:

    yes my dear lw.. u started all these!!! hahahahhaha ^^

  4. Oi San says:

    oh..addiction all comes from u hor… but.hmm..skycloud a few days never blog liao..addiction is gone?

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