Impresario 2005

Skipped lectures today.. Woke up at 8.15am, but just couldn’t force myself to wash up. Idled on bed for like 15mins before I finally got out of bed and checked my laptop for any messages & emails.

Then I saw him online. He’s one reason why I decided to give my lectures a miss. Might as well stay in room and study on my own if I were to go to the lectures without understanding a word. Well.. so we chatted via MSN. He had a quiz today, keep asking him to study, but dunno what he was doing. Keep telling me haven study yet. Winner lor.. Hai.. Chatted till he went for his lessons @ 2.30pm.

Was in my room studying when I received an sms from him. Asked me to do the quiz qn. Oh well.. since I know how to do, just do lor.. haa.. He called at the end of his quiz, asked me if I want to watch Impresario (Talentime organised by NTU CAC (Cultural Activities Club)). VIP invitation somemore. Had to be seated by 6pm, and it was already 5.20pm. Went down to Auditorium and met him there. Went in to reserve our seats before we “sneaked” out for the WORLDview sub-comm briefing. Managed to get back just in time for Impresario to start.

My first time watching Impresario. Missed it last year. Enjoyed it thoroughly (rubbish rite.. if not interesting I won’t even blog le.. lol), except that my eyes were kinda dry.. and I was feeling hungry..

Well.. I thoroughly enjoyed myself this evening. Thanks. Please tell me I’m misinterpreting your actions. It may be true that the most cruel thing a guy could do to a girl is to let her fall in love when he doesn’t intend to catch her fall. And u agreed with that. If you dun want to be the bad guy, stop her from falling please.. Hai.. some1 going Malaysia lor.. I’m going to miss your crap + entertainment for one week before you come back.. *sob*

By the time it ended, it was already 11pm. Walked back to hall 5 with him, supposed to play mahjong at RD’s room (RD stays the same hall as him, different block). Well.. ZM was late.. He missed the last bus from the interchange. Decided not to play mahjong, everyone decided to come our room. Everyone as in RD, his gf ZH, QH & ZM, not forgetting our dear Miss Jigg.. HAhaha.. They are now watching Windstruck while I’m here blogging. 😉 Movie + comfortable bed + coke & Chivas mix. Shiok leh.. Er no I didn’t drink.. Scared le.. Drink somemore = rashes. Hai..

I’m tired.. but my bed is occupied.. I shall sleep sitting at my table in front of the laptop.

Where are you now? Have you reached? Hope you had a safe journey.