great day ahead

It’s the first day of the CNY. Was so sian at my grandma’s (dad’s mum) place this morning. Richard kor haven arrive, no one to talk to. Then I received an sms from him @ Malaysia. His smses kept me entertained till I left the place. So interesting, I couldn’t reply his msgs coz he couldn’t receive them. Lol.. While chatting with Richard @ grandma’s house, his one statement made me realise something. “I feel so stressed collecting the ang pows. Everyone’s asking the same qn” FYI, Richard is still single ( 6 yrs older than me ). I’m also pressing him for his reply.. When is he going to get married? Hahaha! ^^ When one reaches adulthood, is it a must to get married? Or to get attached? Though all my 3 elder-gal-cousins ( mum’s side, older than me by 3, 6 & 9 yrs ) are already married with kids, that doesn’t mean anything mah.. I got “attacked” with the same qn today also.. Haiz.. Still studying leh.. Wanna ask me this kind of qn, also must wait till I grad mah.. lol..

Anyway.. back to CNY. In this Rooster year, those born in the Rooster years have “offended” the tai4 shui4 (one of the gods for Buddhists). First time in my life visiting 4 temples in 1 day. First time I did it willingly. Haha.. Better to believe than not. Only to realise it’s better to go and pray after the 5th day of the Lunar year. So gotta go again this Sunday or next Friday le. Kinda fun actually.. except that I was perspiring throughout. Hot weather. And I’m well covered from the ashes of the joss sticks & incense paper.

Walked to my maternal grandma’s house across the road of my paternal grandma’s. Yay we had steamboat again! My fav!! I thought this year they were going to call for delivery. The steamboat lunch came as a surprise. Met up with my cousins ( of all age groups ) including the new-born neice Chloe aka Ling Xin ( daughter of Qiu Xia who’s 3 yrs older than me). Interesting name. First time meeting her. Kinda miss Xinhui also.. The valentine’s baby I mentioned in my previous entry. She didn’t come to Singapore today.. Well.. I’ve got the company of Chloe, Faith ( 3 year old cousin ) & Lele ( the cousin my mum helped to look after ). Keke..

The “gambling den” started not soon after. Decided to be a guai guai gal today, when Kenneth kor shoved $50 to me and said “play for me. I go sleep”. Hahaha!! So erm.. ya.. I got stuck at the “man-luck” table all the way without any losses. Keep staring at the mahjong table. My hands got so itchy. Haha.. Can’t wait to get my hands on them this weekend. ( gambler addict here ) *oops*

I love this family of mine. So unlike my dad’s side. Haha.. In this family, you can feel the warmth of everyone. Hopefully we didn’t scare Min Yee’s (5 yrs younger) bf today. Dun think we’re that evil lah.. Haha.. But we meant it when we said he has to attend our other gatherings (this sunday & next) at 4th uncle’s & Kenneth’s house. Lol!!

If I have the time, I’ll do the family tree again. Haha.. Pity we didn’t take much photos today, else could have shown you guys my cousins. There’s one who’s quite pretty ^^ But drop all ur ideas ok.. She’s only sec 2.. Haha 😉