CNY day 2

CNY Day 2 has always been a not-so-happening day for the past 24 years. Lunch @ granny’s house, after which we left for uncle KS’s house (across the road) at ard 2pm. I think it’s a psychological barrier, I just can’t seem to be able to clique with my dad’s family. Have been observing my granny’s behaviour these few days. It is obvious that she dotes on her daughters’ children better than us. Her daughters call the shots in the family, not the sons. Offered my help to prepare lunch, but I don’t know what she said, never say clearly despite me asking so many times. Whatever.. The more I think about it, the more disappointed I’ll be. Richard ah.. how ah? I feel so sad that we’re not so closely-knitted leh.. All the young people just sit there watch tv, never talk to one another.. How how?

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  1. sigh.. din know so much thoughts had flown past ur mind within that last several hours..

    yes, there are times that we may not feel as close as certain groups of ppl in our life; whom are ‘supposed’/by default/designed/obliged/.. to be close with us, and they had failed to ‘perform’ to what we expected them to be.
    it will sure leave scars and tons of disappointment + disillusionments when such matters arise, right in front of our eyes.. all these i could emphathize with u.
    maybe allow me to bring you through the eyes of someone whom had been thru’ such: Me.

    when we were younger, it is alright for our parents/elders to lecture us/even hit us when we did somethin wrong. now that we had grown more matured in age, and perhaps similar mistakes that we had done had reached the ears and eyes of our parents, can they still hit and lecture us the same way? and will they still confront u straightaway without checking your side of the story? when one grows matured in age, we have to learn how to grow matured in our understanding and patience. No longer can we just scream and yell the sec we could not lay our hands on some toys or sweets we wanted.. irregardless whether this toy is legitimately, by law, by inheritance belonged to us, but got deviated to other’s hands… instead, we have to learn how to approach it from the other party’s shoes & eyes. would you have done it too, if that happens to you? is that the easiest way out to worm out? there are many situations in life that are often extremely hard to balance your scales ideally. could only pay attentions to certain areas and handful or ppl at any one time. definitely will have missed someone out of the picture or thought that you, as an adult, could easily be understanding enough to overlook that. my parents and me aint close, even i had moved back home more than 10 yrs ago. conflicts and brushes had been constantly accumulating.. but what can i do? except to pray, except to ‘pay’ more understanding and love to this family of mine, that one day, one day, the 3 of us can sit down at the same table and pour our hearts out like none other..just like when we pour our hearts out to our beloved partner and sometimes, the virtual friend we have in the internet….

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