A week of Memories

So the kids had their Prom night on Monday. Joined them as the alumni had 2 tables.

Then I had to be reminded of the days 7+ yrs back. Sigh. I hate it when this happens. Too much thoughts that night, and it made me do something that I usually wouldn’t have the courage to do. SIGH.

Nevertheless.. the night was great! Seeing the juniors enjoying themselves.. Couldn’t help but think to myself, that would be the last time they can get together as a class. Totally reminded me that my batch didn’t have a prom night at all.

Tues night was Cultural Potpurri. Was great seeing my teachers after so many years! Managed to catch up with a few of them đŸ™‚

Watching the kids perform, brought me back to the Nan Hua days.. I thought I saw familiar faces on stage as the Dance Society members performed.

Those were the days.

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