The end of the world?

Was at the bus stop waiting for bus, while on my way to meet Jodi jie-jie for lunch. When the wind got stronger.

As I was in shorts, it was cold!

Then my mind went blank. Instead of my usual thoughts of “it’s a nice weather”, the mind went “is it the end of the world already? I left house leaving the sister at home alone. What happens if the wind got too strong?” etc.

That thought was random, but I came to realise that we only live once. If we do not put effort into our lives now, we will come to regret in the future.

Overcharging on your (my) ezlink

For the record, I just got charged an extra 4cents this morning on the way to work. I’m gonna make it a habit to blog it everytime I’m overcharged. We shall see how much extra I pay in a year.

[This post is inspired by Which I entered my ezlink card number to check the refund amount, to see a statement that says “you have also been undercharged 4cents which the bus operators will forego…”]

Singtel – Samsung: Where Fashion Meets Music

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is currently exclusively available to Singtel, Samsung & Singtel came together and organise a Fashion Concert “Where Fashion Meets Music” & Special Performance by a Korean artiste Se7en.

Samsung Galaxy Tab - Have you tried it yet?

If you find him familiar, he acted in the Korean drama Goong S as Lee Hoo.

I’ve got more photos on my facebook album, all taken with my D90 with a 18-200mm lens which I borrowed from Zifen 🙂 [ Buzz if you want the high res ones. I’ll gladly share – although they aren’t very professionally taken! 😉 ]

Heading to Genting

Yes I’ll be away for 3 days (Tue 14 – Thur 16 Dec)!

Been a long while since we last went on such trips, even though there’s only 3 families going – 2nd aunt & small-aunt 🙂

Backlogs will (yes WILL!) be cleared when I’m back!

When (some of) the usual suspects met up recently, they were talking about this data-plan in Malaysia, that is capped at RM5/day. So I asked my colleague for more details, and she sent me this link which left me in a “wow” mode 😀

I’m so gonna get one when I reach Malaysia, lest the addiction in me acts up 🙂


Be Right Back :)

Must See! Must Do! Must Go!

Have you seen it yet? Singapore Tourism Board’s 2011 Calendar!

STB Calendar 2011 - Cover
STB Calendar 2011 - Wall
STB Calendar 2011 - Stickers (I love these stickers!!)
STB Calendar 2011 - 2011/2012 Highlights
STB Calendar 2011 - Jan
STB Calendar 2011 - Feb (My pesonal favourite! Romancing Singapore :))
STB Calendar 2011 - Mar
STB Calendar 2011 - Apr
STB Calendar 2011 - May
STB Calendar 2011 - Jun
STB Calendar 2011 - Jul
STB Calendar 2011 - Aug
STB Calendar 2011 - Sep
STB Calendar 2011 - Oct
STB Calendar 2011 - Nov
STB Calendar 2011 - Dec
STB Calendar 2011 - International Holidays

Kinda surprised to see the page on International Holidays! Makes it so convenient!

Now there’s no reason not to See, Do & Go!

Cisco Flip Video™ launches 3 new devices

Remember the post about the Cisco Flip Video™ I posted 4 months ago? They recently announced 3 new ones!

The new generation Flip MinoHD (1 Hour and 2 Hours); and Flip UltraHD (2 Hours), all feature user-friendly simplicity, enhanced High-Definition (HD) video quality, hardware-based image stabilisation and more ways to share videos using the pre-loaded FlipShare™ software.

Model UltraHD
( 2 Hours)
(2 Hours)
(1 Hour)
Colour Black Black Silver
Recording time 2 hours 2 hours 1 hour
Memory 8 GB 8 GB 4 GB
Video Recording High Definition video, at 50 frames per second, with Image stabilization
Software All comes pre-loaded with FlipShare™ 5.9
Battery 3 replaceable AAA batteries Internal Li-Ion battery Internal Li-Ion battery
Suggested Retail Price (in SGD): $359 $349 $279

The new Flip Video camcorders will be commercially available from the following retailers in Singapore: Challenger, CyberActive, Harvey Norman, Hai Chew Electronics (Sim Lim), Gain City, Juzz1@Esplanade Xchange, Parisilk (Holland Village), South Asia Computer (Funan), Sprint Cass@T1,T2, Dufry@T3, Best Denki (at selected outlets at Parkway Parade, Junction 8, Vivo City, Ngee Ann City and Great World City), Tangs Orchard Techno Bay,, The Network Hub (Educational prices available at

You can follow Cisco Flip by becoming their facebook fan ( .